Feminism’s accomplishments

  • Expanded the boundaries of what women could want, such as high-powered careers, children, sexual freedom, political power — or all four at once.
  • The public is now aware of research showing that the staggeringly high percentage of women murder victims have been murdered by husbands, boyfriend, relatives, or acquaintances. Nearly half of these women are killed when they tried to leave the man.
  • Awareness that women are endangered by other women. Worldwide, “token torturers” [Mary Daly’s phrase] genitally mutilate girl children, banish their incestuously abused daughters — and not the abusive men who perpetrate it.
  • Awareness that women shame each other into obedience [e.g. women barter commitment for security so sexual ‘promiscuity’ cheapens her value – Alma]
  • Male family violence, child abuse, and child sex abuse are being recognized as crimes by police, courts and religions.

Source: Phyllis Chesler


One thought on “Feminism’s accomplishments

  1. Hi there. You have made some interesting comments there.
    Heres some facts though that feminism has tried to hide…and I speak as a disabled man who was terribly abused by my wife.

    50% of homicides in america are by men…this means that women are also responsible for 50% of all homicide in America.

    A paper published by the Canadian health department in 2004 shows that 8% of females in a hetrosexual relationship will suffer from abuse from their partner…7% of men suffer abuse from their partner…

    In America and England current research is showing that 40% of domestic violence victims are men and the thought is it is probably much higher for men tend to under report abuse.

    I am totally against abuse of any kind and am all for equality in all things between men and women…if we are going to stand together for womens freedom and equality..then it cannot be done through lies… it has to be done through the truth..

    Heres a poem I wrote about my experience , its called “Cutting Words”

    Thanks for the chance to comment, craig b

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